The majority of the content we’ll cover is in The Cloud and Sky Painting Workshop Guide; a twelve page guidebook that outlines the theory and process I use in making the majority of my studio paintings. 

The first day of the workshop will be devoted to demoing the basic idea of using a limited palette or what I call, muted scale. I’ll start with making several small paintings that illustrate and explain what that muted scale is and how to compose with it. 

Since this workshop focuses on cultivating a balance between direct and indirect painting, we’ll be bouncing back and forth between those methods in order to gauge our comfort level with each and address the strengths and weaknesses of both. 

The direct painting method is guided by intuition and done quickly and reactively. The muted scale palette eliminates many of the variables that can cause students to lose control of a painting in the early stages. The indirect method seeks to refine the impulsivity while still honoring the original energy and spirit present in the early stages of painting.

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So the objective is to expand our skill level but to do so in a way that doesn’t kill the intuitive sense of creativity with overthinking and judgment. 

When we do exercises in value, color mixing, drawing, we are repeating tasks and actions that ultimately rewire our creative selves. We start to clear the doubt in our abilities and replace it with confidence; the fear of ruining a painting is replaced with the openness to adapt, and the critical internal voice that judges our work to death is silenced and replaced with the capacity to listen to what the painting really wants. That’s how we build a body of work. 

This workshop is available for individual study or for groups of any size.
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