I love teaching. It fills me with immense joy to help people grow their artistic practice and find their way to (or back to) their creativity. I'm relentless in the pursuit of  helping people balance the development of technical skills with the aspects of painting that transcend technique and move us to higher levels as artists and creatives. 

The workshop format is my favorite to work within. If you're interested in any of the options listed here, fill out the form below and we'll start planning your workshop.


Individual Study

This class can be built around the goals and
technical concerns of the individual student. It can be customized to address the obstacles you're facing
in your current body of work and aim to move past them by intensive skill-building exercises and guidance thru one-one-one critiques and
specialized demonstrations.
*This program can be available both as on an online session using Skype or in person at my studio. 

Cost of this class is $150/for three hour session
(plus a model fee if required) 

Individual FaceTime/Skype sessions: $85/hour


Group Workshops

These classes are for groups of three or more people and are centered around specific subject matter for intensive three day workshops. Subjects include

  • Cloud & Sky Painting

  • Inventing the Landscape

  • Plein Air

  • Figure Drawing Fundamentals

  • Drawing Fundamentals

  • Figure Painting block-in

Workshops are three days long and $325/person
(plus model fee if required)  



Traveling Workshops

These are the same structure as the other workshops except that I bring it all to your city. Plein air excursions, large group workshops, and intensive individual study all available.

$325/person (plus model fee if required).  

  • These workshops are ideal for art clubs and groups outside of the Lehigh Valley

  • Please provide any information on the facilities available, number of participants,
    and potential plein air sites

let's start planning your workshop!

Name *
Landscape painting fundamentals, plein air, figure drawing fundamentals, figure painting block-ins, drawing fundamentals. Or we can customize your workshop to suit your specific goals.
What technical aspects would you like to work on improving? What are some issues you feel are holding back your progress?
When would you like to begin and how long are you planning to study?
Also list what kind of studio facilities are available if you'd like me to travel to your city.